What happens once I defer my Instacash℠ Repayment Date?

Once you have deferred your scheduled Instacash repayment date, the amount of Instacash advance you received and any related Tips and Turbo Fees will not be debited from your authorized payment account(s) until the next scheduled repayment date, which is 14 days later. You can view your next scheduled repayment date in the MoneyLion App.

When you defer your scheduled Instacash repayment date(s), you will not be able to request another Instacash advance until you have repaid all previous advances and any related Tips and Turbo Fees. During this period, your eligibility for requesting Instacash advances and any available Boosts on your account will be paused.

Note: You can only defer your scheduled repayment date once per direct deposit period. Learn more here.

If you don’t see this deferment feature in the chatbot, there’s no need to worry — we’re rolling it out quickly so you will see it soon!


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