How much does Overtime cost?

At this time, Overtime is available to our customers on an invite-basis only. Our invitees can access Overtime at no cost. There’s no monthly fee and no interest. Tips are absolutely optional, and do not impact your eligibility for Overtime or your Overtime loan limit whatsoever.

You do have the option of deferring the scheduled due date for one or two installment payments, depending on the frequency of your scheduled payments. You will incur a fee per deferred payment, which will be added to your next scheduled installment payment. It’s simple to do in the MoneyLion app by clicking on the “Defer” tab of the Overtime screen.

Missed or late loan payments may result in a late fee, if the lateness is not cured within the grace period, which varies depending on your state of residence. Late fees will be applied to your next installment payment.

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