How can I change my Instacash℠ repayment date?

We try to align your scheduled Instacash repayment date with your next expected direct deposit in your account. Our deposit prediction system is highly accurate, but there may be times when your Instacash repayment date doesn't exactly line up with your next deposit. If that happens, don't worry. You can now easily change your Instacash repayment date in the MoneyLion App!

Please note: 

  • You can change the scheduled repayment date if you have outstanding cash advances, but you can’t change the date if you have any cash advance amounts that are past the scheduled repayment date.
  • The change must be made at least two days before your original scheduled repayment date.
  • If you have more than one Instacash advance outstanding, you can only change the earlier scheduled repayment date (i.e., if you see two or more repayment dates, you can only move the earliest one).
  • You can change your repayment date to one business day* before or after your original repayment date.
  • If you have made a deferment on your cash advances, you will not be able to change your repayment date

Here are some simple steps you can take to change your scheduled repayment date:

  1. Go to your Instacash dashboard and click the “Manage” button. 
  2. Ensure you’re still within the deadline to change your scheduled repayment date. 
  3. Change your scheduled repayment date by choosing from the list of new repayment dates available to you. 
  4. Click “Confirm repayment date” and you’re all set! 

We will collect the repayment based on the date you’ve selected. 

If the date you’re looking for is not listed or you’re looking for a longer deferral, we are happy to assist you further. Please reach out to us here 


If you don’t see this feature in the App, there’s no need to worry we’re rolling it out quickly so you will see it soon!


*Business days are Mondays through Fridays, excluding bank holidays.

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