How do I remove a payment method for Instacash℠ repayments?

If you want to remove a payment method or withdraw the payment authorization for your accounts or debit cards, please try to remove it first via the MoneyLion App. 


  1. From the Home screen, you can access Your Profile via the icon in the top left-hand corner. 
  2. You can then select “Wallet” from the list of options. 
  3. Your Wallet page will list all of your authorized payment methods. If you select the payment method you want to remove, you will see an option to “Remove from wallet.” 


If you have any issues removing the payment method from the Wallet screen of your MoneyLion App, you can withdraw your payment authorization by contacting customer service at, or 1-888-704-6970, or at ML Plus LLC, Attn Customer Service, P.O. Box 1547, Sandy, UT 84091-1547.


Please note that you must notify us at least three (3) business days (business days are Mondays through Fridays, excluding bank holidays) before your scheduled repayment date to give us and your financial institution sufficient time to process the revocation.

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