What is Safety Net?

Bank with confidence, cover today, and build for tomorrow, knowing exactly what your cash and cash advance availability and investment assets are across all of your MoneyLion accounts.

How does Safety Net work?

Safety Net appears on the RoarMoneySM account screen of the MoneyLion app. Just look for the pie chart, which shows you how much money you have available in your RoarMoney account, in an InstacashSM advance, and in your MoneyLion Investment Account. To access additional funds through your Safety Net, just click on “Use Safety Net” in the app, choose the option you want to transfer funds from and follow the onscreen instructions.

What do I need to do to get Safety Net?

You need to have a RoarMoney account with at least one repeating direct deposit set up to that RoarMoney account. Once the first two direct deposits clear, your Safety Net is unlocked and the Safety Net pie chart will appear on your RoarMoney app screen. You’ll also see your new higher Instacash limit. Pro tip: Setting up additional repeating direct deposits to RoarMoney could mean your Instacash limit goes up too.

What will I see in Safety Net?

You’ll see the amount of money or investment assets you have available to you at MoneyLion, including:

  • The amount of money that’s available to you to use in your RoarMoney account.
  • Your available Instacash limit. You can get up to 30% of your repeating direct deposit amount in Instacash by setting up a repeating direct deposit into your RoarMoney account. Please note that it could take up to two direct deposits to take effect.
  • The available balance of investment assets in your MoneyLion Investment Account. The actual withdrawal amount may vary based on your available balance, excluding any fees and/or outstanding loan amounts. Full details here. Please note that it’s generally a good idea not to withdraw and sell investment assets that are being put aside to compound over time and provide for your future. Furthermore, there could be tax implications to withdrawing and selling investment assets.

How do I set up direct deposit?

Get the steps here.


MoneyLion is a financial technology company, not a bank. RoarMoney℠ demand deposit account provided by, and MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® issued by, MetaBank®, National Association, Member FDIC. RoarMoney is a service mark of MoneyLion. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International. Funds are FDIC insured, subject to applicable limitations and restrictions, when we receive the funds deposited to your account.

Instacash is an optional service offered by MoneyLion. Terms and eligibility requirements apply. See Membership Agreement and help.moneylion.com for more information.

Investment advisory services provided by ML Wealth LLC. Investment Accounts Are Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • Investments May Lose Value. For important information and disclaimers relating to the MoneyLion Investment Account, see Investment Account FAQs and FORM ADV. Accounts are subject to administrative fee of $1 per month.

Increased Instacash limit with Safety Net requires recurring direct deposit into RoarMoney account. Instacash is an optional service offered by MoneyLion. Your available Instacash Advance limit will be displayed to you in the MoneyLion mobile app and may change from time to time. Your limit will be based on your direct deposits, account transaction history, and other factors as determined by MoneyLion. See Membership Agreement and help.moneylion.com for additional terms, conditions and eligibility requirements.

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