How will you choose investments to recommend to me?

When you open your account we ask you various questions about your risk preferences and investment objectives.  Working with our partner Wilshire Associates, a 30-year investment industry leader that manages the assets of some of the nation’s largest institutional investors, we have developed five ETF based asset allocation portfolios. Each one offers a distinct balance of risk and return expectations. We’ll recommend one of these portfolios for you based on the risk preference questions you answered when you joined MoneyLion – we call this a "Personalized Allocation Strategy." 

 You can override the recommended portfolio and choose another type of portfolio by selecting Edit Allocation once your account has been opened, and using the Risk Slider see how changing the risk profile of your portfolio would change your investment mix.  The Risk Slider offers two additional asset allocation portfolios beyond our five risk-based portfolios, an all equity (stocks) model as well as an all fixed income (bonds) model which allows you to further customize your investment experience.  You also have the option to allocate a portion of your account to one or more themed models or “Portfolio Themes.”  Portfolio Themes are designed to address specific investment interests or themes (for example, innovative technological or disruptive consumer trends, sustainable and socially responsible behavior, or a focus on distribution of dividends). 

 Your account will be invested in a portfolio of low-cost Exchange-Traded Funds, which may include equity (stock) and fixed-income (bond) ETFs.

 See our FAQ called “What ETFs are Used in the Investment Portfolio” for a list of the ETFs that are used in managing core allocation models.  You can always view your current portfolio of funds (and the amount allocated to each) in the MoneyLion app.


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