Why is my MoneyLion Debit Mastercard not working?

If your debit card isn't working, please review the options below to see if they're impacting your card:

  • Is your card activated? You can check by opening the MoneyLion mobile app and ensuring that there is no banner indicating you need to activate your card or by calling our automated activation line at 801.736.2453.
  • Is your card damaged? If the chip or magnetic strip on your card is damaged or worn out, your card likely needs to be replaced. Use the MoneyLion app to notify us that your card is damaged, and we'll send you a new one with the same card number. Your old card will be deactivated when you activate your new one once received in the mail.
  • Is your card locked? If your card isn't working, it may be locked. There are two levels of locked cards:
    • Customer lock - This is a lock that you can initiate and deactivate through the app at any time. Our customer support team can help you lock your card if you do not have access to the mobile app; just call us at 801.252.4427.
    • Internal lock - This is a lock that we initiate on your account. This is primarily done to protect your account while we investigate potentially fraudulent transactions on your behalf. You cannot deactivate this lock yourself. This lock is to protect your information and funds in the event that they are compromised. We'll notify you if an internal lock is being placed on your card, but there's always the possibility that you may try to use the card before seeing our notifications. If you believe this lock was initiated in error, please contact out customer support line at 801.252.4427.
  • Do you have negative or low funds? If you don't have enough funds in your RoarMoney account to cover a purchase, your card will most likely be declined and you will not be charged an overdraft fee. If funds are low, you can get an interest-free Instacash advance in the mobile app with funds deposited within minutes to complete your purchase (learn more about how to get Instacash here.)

If you try to withdraw or spend an amount that exceeds your balance, the transaction will not go through and we will not charge you a fee . While we prevent you from overdrawing in most cases, there may be times when you can have a negative balance. This can happen if a transaction is approved for one amount, but the actual charge is more than the amount of money in your account. For example, when you get room service in a hotel and that additional charge causes your bill to be greater than the original amount paid. In this situation, the full payment may go through and result in a negative balance, but no fee will be charged. 

Your account will become unusable until you pay off the negative balance and deposit funds back into the account. This measure prevents you from incurring debt that you may not be able to pay back later.

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