How do I redeem Moneylion Reward points for cash into my investment account?

For users with an open and active MoneyLion Investment account, we also have an option to redeem points in exchange for a cash deposit into the Investment account.

In order to do so, simply follow the same instructions as for redeeming points for a gift card, but instead select the “$25 into your Moneylion Investment Account” option instead of selecting a Gift Card from a vendor. 

When redeeming points using this option:

  • $25 will be deposited into your investment account
  • Your points balance will be adjusted (-2,500 points)
  • Nothing will be added to your Wallet, unlike redemptions for Gift Cards

Investment advisory services provided by ML Wealth, LLC. Investment Accounts Are Not FDIC Insured • No Bank Guarantee • Investments May Lose Value. For important information and disclaimers relating to the MoneyLion Investment Account, see Investment Account FAQs and FORM ADV. Broker-Dealer may charge a $0.25 withdrawal fee, among other fees. Accounts are subject to administrative fee of $1 per quarter.

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