What if a gas station, rental car company, or hotel overcharged me?

Some merchants may place a monetary hold (pre-authorization) on your account for an excessive amount because they may not know the final amount of the sale (i.e., the amount of gas you actually pump). Since these transactions don't post to your account immediately, funds close to or in excess of the amount of the purchase will be placed on hold in your account.  This is a way of reserving those funds in your account for the debit card purchase. Most holds are removed automatically when the actual transaction posts to your account – usually within one or three days depending on the merchant.  In the event a hold is not removed automatically when the transaction posts, it will automatically drop off 7 days from the time of the original transaction.

Typically, gas stations, hotels, and rental car/truck companies may obtain multiple pre-authorizations on your account for a single transaction, resulting in varied holds against the available balance in your account. If you do use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard® for these kinds of transactions, understand that you are risking temporarily locking up some of your funds, and unfortunately RoarMoney cannot do anything to unlock them once the transaction is made. You would have to wait for the final transaction to post and the authorization to drop off, which may take up to 72 hours depending on the merchant.

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