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How do I file a dispute in the MoneyLion app?
Click on “Tap for Help” on the MoneyLion app homepage. This will open a chatbot conversation. Type “How do I file a dispute?” and follow the prompts.

How do you dispute something on your credit report?
You can dispute errors on your credit report to the three major credit bureaus online:

  • Easily navigate TransUnion’s user-friendly online credit dispute service.
  • File a new dispute or check the status of an existing one on Experian’s page.
  • File a dispute and get your results within 30 days with Equifax’s simple service.

Each bureau must investigate any dispute and correct or remove inaccurate data within a certain period of time.

Can filing a dispute hurt your credit score?
No. However, if information on your credit report changes after your dispute is processed, your
credit score could change.

How long do you have to dispute a debit card transaction with your bank?
It depends. If someone uses your ATM or debit card before you report it lost or stolen, your liability depends on how quickly you report it. If someone makes unauthorized transactions with your debit card number, but your card is not lost, you are not liable for those transactions if you report them within 60 days of your statement being sent to you.

You can learn more about filing transaction disputes with MoneyLion on our Help Desk page.


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