What makes a transaction eligible for an Online Deal?


To make sure you maximize your rewards points, you need to follow these steps every time you would like to take advantage of any online deal:

  • You must have activated the deal before completing your transaction (You’ll see the Activate button on the deal in the app.)
  • Your shopping experience must have been initiated from the MoneyLion app (by tapping “Shop Now” after activation).
  • Always use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard ®

In addition to this, every merchant also has specific requirements:

  • Make sure that your transaction matches the eligibility criteria for the specific deal you’ve activated (view these in the deal’s details).
  • Made sure that you completed your purchase within the eligibility window after tapping the “Shop now” button.
  • Make sure your transaction doesn’t match any of the merchant specific Exclusions and Limitations.
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