What is the Instacash referral program?

Members in good standing are eligible for this promotion. To earn an Instacash referral boost of $50, you must refer someone who successfully signs ups for Instacash via your personal referral link for the first time. Your available Instacash will then be raised by $50 per regular deposit period for 30 days, beginning with the date the person you referred successfully signs up for Instacash. You may earn one $50 referral boost per 30-day period. For the avoidance of doubt, members who are in default or behind on Instacash, loan or membership payments are not members in good standing. MoneyLion reserves the right to review all referrals for eligibility, and we may discontinue this promotion at any time. Any fraudulent or other suspicious referral activity will void any referral bonuses earned and may also result in account suspension.

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