How do I turn off and or pause my Auto Invest?

It’s easy to pause or delete your Auto Invest schedule at anytime! So go ahead and get started and see how you like it! You’ll be surprised at how quickly your funds can add up — and if you ever need to adjust the amount, the frequency, or cancel it altogether, you can.

And if you decide to pause or cancel, you can always go back and reactivate it your Auto Invest.

1) To pause/cancel your Auto Invest, from your homepage you will go into your Investment Account by clicking Invest under Popular Actions.


2)  Once you have entered into your Investment account screen you will scroll down mid way and click into Auto Invest to update your scheduled deposits (Auto Invest: Next Deposit).


3)  In your Auto Invest screen you can now toggle your Active button to ON or OFF to pause your Auto Invest or to Delete click below "Delete Auto Invest".

Autoinvest_image_1.png Autoinvest_image_3.png

 4) You will get a notification your Auto Invest is now paused/cancelled.


5) Click Continue and you will now see that your Auto Invest has been paused.


6) If you have cancelled your Auto Invest you will have to option to opt back into Auto Invest at anytime and start investing into your Future.


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