How do I set up my Auto Invest?

Auto Invest is easy to set up in the MoneyLion app. 

Watch the video below or follow the written steps.

1) From the home screen, tap on the Finances tab.

2) Scroll down to find the Auto Invest feature, here you are able to customize your Auto Invest. 


3) If you have a linked funding account (i.e., an account to transfer FROM), we'll pre-select it for you. If you don’t, you’ll be prompted to add one.


4) Enter the amount you wish to invest on a recurring basis.


5) Choose how often you’d like to Auto Invest. By default, we'll schedule your Auto Invest for every Friday, but you can adjust it to your preferences.  You have the option to schedule your Auto Invest for weekly, every 2 weeks and monthly.  You can also personalize it where you can select the exact day of your Auto Invest Deposit.   

To Adjust click on the pre-selected option which will take you to this screen.  Choose your frequency and click confirm. 


6)  Once you have confirmed your frequency you will get 1 more chance to review your Auto Invest Request and click Save.


7) Congrats! You are now set up for Auto Invest.



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