Why did my Instacash amount change?

As a Credit Builder Plus or Instacash member, you'll have an available Instacash limit between $25 and $50. The exact amount will be based on factors in your linked checking account, primarily whether we can detect regular income and predict when you'll be able to repay your Instacash. If we detect regular income, you'll have access to the full $50. If we can't, you'll have access to a lower amount but not less than $25. 

In other words, as your account's financial factors change (such as an increase or decrease in detectable income), your Instacash limit may go up and down between $25 and $50 accordingly. 

If you have a regular direct deposit into your MoneyLion Checking account, you will have an Instacash limit of up to 10% of your average deposit amount. Similarly, if the amount of your deposit goes up or down, your Instacash limit may go up and down with it. The maximum amount you will have access to is $250.


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