What is the Financial Heartbeat in the MoneyLion app?

The Financial Heartbeat is a first-of-its kind fitness tracker for your wallet! We built this exciting product to give you an easy and delightful way to measure, monitor, and improve your financial health in the same way you'd use a Fitbit or Apple Watch to manage your physical health. And it's free to anyone who uses the MoneyLion app.

The Financial Heartbeat monitors four areas of your financial health — Save, Spend, Shield, and Score — and celebrates your progress with Strive:

  • Save: The Save icon measures your savings health — how well you are prepared for expenses, both unexpected and planned.
  • Spend: The Spend icon helps you keep spending in line with your income — a critical step for financial strength.
  • Shield: The Shield icon helps you understand and organize your insurance needs and coverage. Step by step, you can build your Shield of protection.
  • Score: The Score icon encompasses credit score and overall credit health in terms of utilization and interest.
  • Strive: The Strive icon keeps you motivated with badges for easy and big wins and positive financial steps!

Together, these five scores add up to your total Financial Heartbeat score (1.0 to 10.0, with 10.0 as a perfect score). By providing tips, challenges, and motivation, the Financial Heartbeat reflects and validates all the hard work that you put into improving your financial health. There’s no better way to get your money in shape!

To access the Financial Heartbeat, swipe through all your cards in the app — it will appear after you swipe past the trivia card. The more you link your financial accounts and engage with the Financial Heartbeat, the more it can help you strengthen your financial health. Make the most of it!

Come back to the Financial Heartbeat every day to check your stats and get new tips. We'll also continue adding new Strive badges and more capabilities, so check back often!

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