How can I earn rewards?

There are three main ways to earn rewards in the MoneyLion Rewards program.

  1. Quests
  2. Local Deals
  3. Online Deals (coming soon)


One way to earn points in our Rewards program is by completing quests. These are usually small steps or actions that are good for your financial wellbeing. For example, you can get points for:

  • Activating your new MoneyLion card
  • Connecting your bank account to your MoneyLion account
  • Increasing your credit score by 20 points

These can change with time so always refer back to the app for the latest available quests.

Local Deals

You can get Cashback Rewards on your everyday purchases at thousands of participating merchants when shopping with your MoneyLion Visa Debit card.

See more info about Local Deal here:  

Online Deals (coming soon!)

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