How can I repay my Instacash manually?

Instacash repayments are automated, making it easy to pay on time and replenish your Instacash so it's ready when you need it next. Or you can manually repay Instacash using your RoarMoney account or the debit card that you have linked for Instacash repayment! Watch the video or follow the steps below to see how!

  • From the home screen, select Instacash and hit 'Repay'

  • Choose the debit card that you have linked for repayment or your RoarMoney account. Either way, ensure you have enough funds in your account BEFORE you repay, because the system will immediately attempt to repay the amount once you select to repay!

  • You may also make a partial payment if you like. The full Instacash repayment will still be due, and you can come back and pay the rest back later.

Please make every attempt to repay your Instacash on time!

Note that if your Instacash repayment is more than five days late, we will attempt a debit on your eligible account (typically, the linked checking account where we can detect paycheck deposits). Your bank or credit union will choose whether to reject or cover the transaction in case of an insufficient balance in your account. If they cover the transaction, you may be charged an overdraft fee. Yet another reason to use your RoarMoney account for payments and everyday expenses—we’ll never charge you overdraft fees!

To find out more about how our automated repayments work please see How will my Instacash be repaid?

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