What happens if I cannot make my Instacash repayment?

We understand that life can throw curve balls now and then. If you're having trouble making your 0% APR Instacash repayment on time, please submit a ticket to our support team here, and please repay your Instacash manually as soon as you are able to.

It's important to know that when you miss a payment, we will continue to attempt to repay your Instacash from your eligible accounts. Your bank or credit union will choose whether to reject or cover the transaction in case of an insufficient balance in your account. If they cover the transaction in case of insufficient balance, you may be charged an overdraft fee by your external bank.

Repayment methods and processing times

If you are unable to repay your Instacash on the due date, we will continue to make attempts on your bank accounts that are linked to Instacash repayment.

RoarMoney account

If you have a RoarMoney account, this is the fastest and easiest way to repay your Instacash. Simply make sure the account has the funds to cover your Instacash repayment, and we will automatically first try to repay your Instacash from this account. Repayments from the RoarMoney account are processed instantly.

Linked external Debit Card

In the first few days after the amount is due, if you don't have a RoarMoney account or do not have funds in the account, we will check to see if you have a debit card linked to Instacash. We will only make up to 4 attempts to repay the funds from your debit card. Debit card repayments are processed within seconds.

Linked external Checking account

If we are unable to repay your Instacash from your RoarMoney account or the linked debit card, and your Instacash is still outstanding 5 days after your due date, we may then attempt to collect your Instacash repayment from your linked checking account. Please note that attempts to repay Instacash from your linked checking accounts may take up to 10 business days to process. It may take up to 7 business days even after the funds have been withdrawn from your external checking account for the payment to reflect in your MoneyLion accounts. Please be patient if you see the funds withdrawn from your linked account and not reflected in your Instacash account.  

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