How soon will I receive my Instacash funds?

With 0% APR Instacash, you can spot yourself some cash anytime. How soon you can get your funds depends on the delivery method you choose and whether you're sending the funds to your RoarMoney account.

To your RoarMoney account:

  • Turbo delivery: Receive your Instacash funds instantly for a small fee of $3.99**.
  • Regular delivery: Receive your Instacash funds in 24-48 hours at no additional cost.

To your external checking account

  • Turbo delivery: Receive your Instacash funds within minutes for a small fee of $4.99**.
  • Regular delivery: Receive your Instacash funds in 3-5 business days at no additional cost.

The choice is yours depending on your needs, and you can decide with each new cash advance what works for you at that moment! 

**Turbo Service provided by a third party, LionPay LLC.

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