Why is my repayment date not scheduled on my payday?

To help anticipate when you’ll have sufficient funds to cover your payment and replenish your available Instacash℠ advances, we try to align your scheduled payment date with your next expected deposit in your account. Our system is able to predict the majority of users' upcoming recurring direct deposit dates and schedule their Instacash repayments accordingly. However, in certain scenarios, the deposit dates our system predicts may be inaccurate. This may be the case if you gave us your deposit dates when you first accessed Instacash and they have changed since then. In addition, if you have more than one recurring deposit and/or early deposits, they may also cause your Instacash repayment to process early.


Our system periodically reviews your account to detect recurring deposits. Therefore, your scheduled repayment date may be updated from time to time based on the timing of any paychecks or other income deposits detected in your account. 


Please note: Taking Instacash advances may help you avoid overdraft fees, and we may take steps to help you avoid bank fees when you repay your Instacash advances, but your financial institution will choose whether to reject or cover a transaction in case of an insufficient balance in your account. If they cover the transaction, you may be charged an overdraft fee.

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