How do I increase my Instacash limit?

If we can detect qualifying income in your linked checking account and predict when you'll be able to repay your Instacash, you'll have access to up to $200 in Instacash. Typically, higher deposit amounts will unlock higher Instacash amounts. If we can't detect income, you'll have access to a lower amount, with a minimum of $25.  
You can raise your Instacash limit with the same amount of income by switching your direct deposits into MoneyLion bank account. With direct deposits into a MoneyLion account, you can unlock up to $250 in Instacash:
  • Your Instacash limit will be 30% of your recurring direct deposit amount per pay cycle.
  • For example, if you are paid bi-weekly and directly deposit $600 per paycheck into your MoneyLion bank account, your Instacash limit will be $180 per pay period.
  • If we cannot determine if the direct deposit in your MoneyLion account is regularly recurring (i.e with a standard pay frequency of either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly) you'll have access to a lower amount but not less than $50.

If you ever decide you want an even higher Instacash amount (who wouldn't!) after you set up a direct deposit, you can increase the amount of your direct deposit to further raise your available Instacash limit (up to $250). It's easy to do this in the app anytime or through your employer.

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