How do I increase my Instacash limit?

Credit Builder Plus and Instacash members get automatic access to up to $50 in Instacash advances every pay period. The exact amount will be based primarily whether we can detect regular income in your external checking account and predict when you'll be able to repay your Instacash. If we detect regular income, you'll have access to the full $50. If we can't, you'll have access to a lower amount of $25.  
If you have a MoneyLion Checking account, you can unlock up to $250 in Instacash by setting up direct deposit into your MoneyLion Checking account. 
Here's how:
  1. First, make sure you have enrolled in MoneyLion's Zero-Fee Checking account. For members, there's no fee to open an account, and you'll never get hit with any bank fees like overdrafts or minimum balance fees.
  2. Second, set up direct deposit of $250 or more into your MoneyLion Checking account, which you can do quickly in the MoneyLion app or through your employer. Find how-to steps here.

If you add direct deposit, your Instacash limit will be based on the amount of your direct deposit:

  • Your Instacash limit is usually 10-20% of your direct deposit amount per pay cycle.
  • For example, if you are paid bi-weekly and directly deposit $1,000 per paycheck into your MoneyLion Checking account, your Instacash limit will be $100 per pay period.

If you ever decide you want an even higher Instacash amount (who wouldn't!) after you set up direct deposit, you can increase the amount of your direct deposit to further raise your available Instacash limit (up to $250). It's easy to do in in the app anytime or through your employer.

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