How do I cancel my Instacash with Banking membership?

First, let's talk about how to get your fee waived! There's no Instacash with Banking membership fee if you have a MoneyLion Checking account with a recurring direct deposit. Not only that, your Instacash limit would be 30% of your deposit amount, so you can unlock higher Instacash limits (up to $250!) with larger direct deposits.

Or are you wanting to cancel because you found that cash advances aren't fully covering your needs? If so, please know that we also offer a larger loan at low APRs that helps you build your credit while you borrow. It's part of our Credit Builder Plus membership. Learn more here.

If you are absolutely sure you do not need access to 0% APR advances, it's easy to cancel in the MoneyLion app. But note that if you change your mind, you will not be able to sign up for Instacash again for another 60 days. This is to prevent misuse of the membership.

To cancel, open the Main Menu by tapping on your profile picture in the top left of the home screen. Then tap Membership in the menu, select "Manage membership" and then "Cancel my membership."  

Please know that you will not be able to cancel your membership if you have unpaid Instacash, membership or other membership dues. Please repay any dues and then use the instructions above to cancel anytime. 


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