How much does Instacash cost?

You can unlock Instacash for free. There's no monthly fee, no credit check, and no interest. Any delivery fees and tips are totally optional. Whether you choose to tip and which delivery method you use does NOT impact your access to Instacash. 

Each time you get an Instacash advance, you can select from these disbursement options, some of which have associated costs:

  • Regular delivery (12 - 48 hours) to your MoneyLion Checking account – $0
  • Regular delivery (3 - 5 business days) to your external checking account – $0
  • Turbo (instant) delivery to your MoneyLion Checking account – $3.99**
  • Turbo (instant) delivery to an external checking account or debit card – $4.99**

Lastly, every time you take an interest-free cash advance, we request you to leave a small optional tip. These tips help us cover the high costs of keeping Instacash interest free and readily available to as many members as possible. We're all in this together! 

**Turbo Service provided by a third party, LionPay LLC.

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