How much are Credit Builder Plus membership fees and when will I be charged?

The Credit Builder Plus membership costs $19.99/month. We will schedule your  membership fees and loan payment due dates to align with your paycheck frequency to make payments easier. 

For example, here’s how the $19.99/month membership payment breaks down by pay schedule:

  • Weekly membership payment: $4.60
  • Biweekly membership payment: $9.20
  • Semi-monthly membership payment: $9.99
  • Monthly membership payment: $19.99

To view your membership payment schedule click into your Profile menu in the top left corner of the app and navigate to the Membership page.

Your loan payment will be collected as a separate transaction and will include both the principal payment and interest due.  Your loan payment schedule can be found by clicking on the “Loans” tab in your app and then selecting “Payment Schedule”.  

Remember, Credit Builder Plus members can earn a Lion’s Share payout of up to $19.99 at month end by logging into the MoneyLion app every day and using their RoarMoney Debit Mastercard for 20 or more purchases of $10 or higher in a calendar month. Learn more here.

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