How can I be eligible for Shake 'N' Bank rewards?

Please note that Shake 'N' Bank is currently only available to a select group of beta testers.

It’s easy! First, remember to use your MoneyLion Visa® Debit Card for all your purchases. Then, whenever you have a purchase of $10.00 or more on a single receipt, you’ll be eligible for a Shake 'N' Bank reward of up to the full amount of the purchase. You also must have an active MoneyLion Investment account in good standing to participate in Shake 'N' Bank rewards.

To make things super easy, we’ll send you a push notification to your phone every time you have an eligible purchase. You’ll then have 7 days to shake for cash! Update your phone settings to allow push notifications from MoneyLion so you don't miss any chances to earn.

If you do miss the push notification, you go to the Rewards tab in the MoneyLion app and select the Shakes Reward tab. You’ll see a list of your eligible Shake 'N' Bank transactions. If you haven’t claimed a reward for an eligible transaction yet, you’ll see “Shake Now” next to it telling you it’s time to Shake 'N' Bank!  

Please note that transfers, direct deposits, or withdrawals with your MoneyLion Visa® Debit Card do not count as eligible transactions.

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