How do I add or update my phone number?

How can I add or update my phone number on my user profile?

To do so, click on your profile picture in the top left from almost anywhere in the app. Then select  “Personal Information” from the Main Menu, and click on the arrow next to your phone number and follow the instructions to add/update your phone number.


I own an international mobile phone number. Can this be used?

Currently, only US phone numbers are accepted at MoneyLion.

Why am I not able to update my new phone number at my Personal Information page?

Because your phone number is newly added or you have recently made changes to it, we are unable to update this due to security reasons. Please try again later. 


Why is my phone number not valid? 

Our current validation process is indicating that the number you have entered is not a valid mobile number. Please note, we currently do not accept landline or VoIP numbers due to security reasons. If you do have a mobile phone number, please check to see that you entered it correctly. 


Why can’t my current mobile number be added to my profile?

If you entered your number correctly but are unable to add it to your profile, it could be that your number is not a valid mobile number, you have not completed the one-time code verification, or this number is associated to malicious activity.

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