Update Address FAQs

How do I change the address on my account ?

Open the app and tap your profile picture on the top left corner to open the Main Menu. Tap Personal information and then tap  Address. 

You can now either edit the address you have displayed or delete it completely and enter a new one. 

To ensure your account’s security and validate your address, we run a few checks in the background to make sure that the address you provided is accurate and your current address. 

If for some reason these validation methods do not succeed, we might ask for additional documents such as proof of new address. Documents should be dated within the last 60 days and could include:

  1. Current statement from a financial institution (bank, credit union, or other financial institution) showing name and new address.
  2. Telephone bill (landline or mobile) showing name and new address
  3. Bill from Internet Provider showing name and new address
  4. Television/Cable/Satellite Provider showing name and new address
  5. Home or Renters Insurance Bill showing name and new address.

How often can I change my address ?

You can update your address as often as you move, which hopefully isn’t too often, because moving is a pain! Also, for your security, we do restrict multiple address changes in a short time period if you have financial accounts with us. 

If you don’t have any financial accounts with us because you have not completed your profile and passed identity then we highly recommend that you complete your profile and use our products.

Why do I see two addresses on the address screen?

If you see two addresses, it means that you still have an active MoneyLion Checking account with us, and due to limitations at our partner bank for MoneyLion Checking, we cannot update the address you use for that account within the MoneyLion app.

The second address you see in the app applies to all your other accounts, such as Credit Builder Plus, Investment account, and Instacash, and can be edited in the app.

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