How do I change the address on my account?

To update your personal information such as your phone number, email, address or bank account associated with transfers, please use the form below to get an expedited resolution.

Make a change to my account Form

Change of address: 
If you're changing your address, the following documents will be accepted as proof of new address (all documents should be within the last 60 days):

  • Current statement from a financial institution (bank, credit union, or other financial institution)
    showing name and address.
  • Utility Bill (gas, water, electric, or garbage removal) showing name and address
  • Telephone bill (landline or mobile) showing name and address
  • Bill from Internet Provider showing name and address
  • Television/Cable/Satellite Provider showing name and address
  • Home or Renters Insurance Bill showing name and address.

Change of external bank account (for MoneyLion Checking customers):

To change the bank account associated with your Moneylion Checking Account, you will need to provide a document that proves you are the owner of the new bank account. This document must contain the full account number and your name and must be dated within the last 30 days.
Examples include:
  • A voided check from the new account
  • Bank statement
Note: We do not allow you to change or correct the SSN on your account for security purposes. 
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