What is Turbo funding and how does it work?

"Turbo" funding for your Credit Builder Plus loan means your funds will be sent to your debit card almost immediately. You can select Turbo or standard funding when you are accepting your loan offer.


Turbo transactions are processed in real time, much faster than choosing to disburse to your bank account, which can take up to 3 business days. Actual fund availability with Turbo funding varies by financial institution. In most cases, funds are available within a few minutes but up to 30 minutes.


If you selected "Turbo" for your loan funds but did not receive them within 30 minutes, you can contact your bank to see if they have a pending transaction on your account. It's likely that they have not accepted the transaction yet, as MoneyLion sends the funds to your card immediately when you select Turbo.


If you have a RoarMoney account, you may have the funds distributed to your account at an expedited speed (generally within minutes) without selecting Turbo. You must have an open RoarMoney account to choose this distribution option.


Please note that Turbo supports most Visa and Mastercard debit cards. We do not support Turbo funding to gift cards, employer-sponsored pay-cards, and other non-reloadable cards.


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