How soon after I set up direct deposit can I use Instacash?

After you set up direct deposit, you'll gain access to Instacash as soon as we can confirm that you have recurring direct deposits into your MoneyLion Checking account. It typically takes three recurring paycheck deposits before you can use Instacash; however, we may be able to unlock Instacash after your second recurring paycheck in some cases.

Here's how it typically works:

  1. Check that your first direct deposit is received into your MoneyLion Checking account. This means you're on your way to using Instacash!
  2. Make sure that your first direct deposit is followed by two more paycheck deposits of similar amounts on a recurring basis (timing will be based on your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay schedule).
  3. Enjoy Instacash advances at 0% APR!

If you have received three recurring paychecks into your MoneyLion Checking account but still have not unlocked Instacash, please use to submit a help request, so we can make sure your paychecks are getting detected.

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