How do I get Instacash by setting up direct deposit?

It's free to unlock Instacash whether or not you have direct deposits into your RoarMoney account. However, you can most easily unlock the highest amounts of Instacash, up to $250, by setting up direct deposits into your RoarMoney account: 
  • You must have recurring direct deposits into your RoarMoney account. Please note that it may take us up to three deposits to validate that it is a recurring direct deposit.
  • Any MoneyLion membership or loan payments you have must be in good standing.

Go here for steps on setting up direct deposit, or tap the Instacash button in the MoneyLion app Home Screen to get started.

Note: More than one type of direct deposit or inconsistent direct deposits may affect your eligibility for Instacash.

Here are examples of income types that might NOT qualify:
  • Random deposits from freelance work
  • Transfers
  • ATM or cash deposits
  • A single paycheck from a new employer
  • Direct deposit amount is too low
If you don't meet the regular direct deposit requirements for Instacash at this time, please come back and try again if your income situation changes! Our system constantly checks to re-verify your eligibility status.

Please note: If you have late or missed membership and/or loan payments, you will not be eligible for Instacash. 
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