Why should I keep paying for Credit Builder Plus after I pay off my loan?

There are many benefits to keeping your Credit Builder Plus membership active, even after paying off your loan.

  • Credit monitoring tools in the app to track your credit score and key credit factors.  We will also send you credit score updates directly to your email each month.
  • No-hassle lending for members in good standing -- once you pay off your Credit Builder Loan, you can request another one (and get up to a $1,000 loan). All you have to do is log on, request the loan, sign your new loan agreement, and you'll receive your funds within 3 business days (depending on your funding method selected)!
  • 0% APR Instacash advances of at least $50 per pay period and up  to $250.
  • Monthly Lion’s Share Loyalty Program payouts up to $19.99 / month.
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