How long do I have to wait after paying off my loan before I request a new one?

Once your current MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus loan status has been marked as Paid Off in your account, you will be able to apply for another loan. If you pay off your loan in full with Debit Card, your loan is marked as Paid Off immediately. If you pay off your loan with ACH checking account, it takes 3-5 business days from the time of pay off until the loan is marked as Paid Off.

Please note that while there is no penalty for early repayment, to help ensure the security of your account, you may not request a new Plus loan within 7 days of the origination date of your previous Plus loan.
To pay off your loan via the Mobile App
Step 1 - Go to the Loan Tab and Click on "Pay off in full"
Step 2 - If you already have a debit card on file, then your debit card would show up here, you can just click on the debit card option. Otherwise, you can click on"Add a payment method" button and add your debit card
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