How much are Plus loan payments?

MoneyLion Plus is a legacy MoneyLion product offering that is not available to new/incoming members. Existing MoneyLion Plus members will soon be transitioned to MoneyLion’s Credit Builder Plus membership as of October 1, 2019.
We time your loan payments to coincide with your paycheck schedule based on what you tell us during the enrollment process.
Here’s the per-paycheck loan payment according to your paycheck schedule:
  • Weekly: up to ~$10.00
  • Bi-Weekly: up to ~$20.00
  • Semi-Monthly: up to ~$21.00
  • Monthly: up to ~$43.00
(The reason the loan payment amounts are approximate is because daily interest accrual can vary based on your loan effective and final payment dates.)

Note: Your membership charge will be in addition to your loan payments.
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