I can’t redeem points for a gift card. What can I do?

There may be multiple reasons why you could be having issues redeeming your points.


Minimum Requirements

Before anything, make sure that you meet the minimum requirements in order to redeem. For that, just make sure to:

  • Have enough points for the selected gift card
  • Have an activated MoneyLion Visa Debit card
  • Have made your first purchase using your card
  • No have any overdue Loan or Instacash repayments
  • No have any overdue Membership Fees


Network/Card Provider issues

We could be having technical difficulties with out gift card provider. If that is the case, we will let you know in the app.


Still having issues

Still having issues redeeming a gift card with the merchant? Contact GYFT, the gift card provider directly at https://www.gyft.com/contact-us/

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