How can I adjust my portfolio and asset allocation?

When you join MoneyLion and open a MoneyLion  Managed Investment Account℠, we ask you a few questions to gauge your risk tolerance and preferences. Then, using asset allocation and security recommendations from our research partner Wilshire Associates, we personalize your risk profile and asset allocation portfolio to help build an investment strategy that meets your needs.

If you would like to adjust your asset allocation and risk-based portfolio (e.g., to be more conservative or more aggressive than our recommendation) after your account has been invested, you can do so anytime using the Risk Slider in the MoneyLion app.

1.  Click into your Finances tab.

2.  Go into your Investment account.

3,  Scroll down into your Portfolio section.

4. Click into the Portfolio you want to adjust.

5. In the Overview section in Summary you will see "Change".  Click Change.

6.  You can now Update your Portfolio by moving the Risk Slider example; Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, Aggressive, etc.

7. Click on the Portfolio you want and confirm.

Your updated portfolio will be recorded as your new allocation, and your Investment account assets will be adjusted to align with your new allocation within 3 - 5 days.  This gives us time to re-balance (buy and sell) your current assets to match your new allocation. You will be able to see the updated portfolio (chart and ETF holdings) with your new weightings in your “My Portfolio” view only once your account has been re-balanced (trades have taken place). You will immediately be able to see your updated portfolio risk profile description in your “My Portfolio” view once you confirm the change.

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