Why is my total account balance for my investment account balance larger than my Available balance when I look to initiate transfers?

Great question! Currently what you are seeing for your investment account balance in the transfers page is your "available balance" versus your "total balance" which is displayed in the Finances tab.

The available balance on your investment account is an important distinction. There are some restrictions to accessing the funds in your investment account - two in particular:

  1. Active investment accounts for Plus or CB+ members have a minimum balance of $5
    1. You cannot withdraw from the account until you hit this amount
    2. Once customers hit this minimum they cannot withdraw past it unless they close their account
  2. Members with an active loan cannot withdraw from their investment account unless the amount of their Investment account is greater than their outstanding balance on any loans including Instacash
    1. Your available balance to withdraw would be the amount in your account over any outstanding lons
    2. While loans are outstanding, members may still add to their investment account
    3. Once any loans or advances are paid off member's available balance should increase.

The available balance takes these restrictions into account - your available balance is the money you can transfer or withdraw from the account today. In the case of transfers, showing the available balance makes sense when transferring funds from the investment account. 

Missed membership subscription payments may also decrease your available balance available for withdrawals.

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