Why can’t I withdraw money from my MoneyLion Investment account?

There are a few reason you may not be able to withdraw money from your MoneyLion Investment account:

  • If you are Credit Builder Plus member, we require that you keep a $5 minimum balance in your investment account once you have started investing. And if you just enrolled, you cannot withdraw any funds until this amount is reached.
  • If you have an outstanding credit builder loan, you can only withdraw from your investment account if your investment account balance is greater than the amount of your outstanding loan. You can withdraw as much as you want from your investment account as long as the investment account balance stays greater than your outstanding loan. For example: Your investment account balance is $1,000. Your loan balance is $500. You can withdraw $495. ($1,000 - $500 = $500)
  • If you have outstanding Instacash advances, the amount of your available balance to withdraw might be reduced by the amount of Instacash you have outstanding. If the amount of the loan is greater than your investment balance, you may not be able to withdraw any funds.
  • If you already have a withdrawal that is pending, you will not be able to enter a new withdrawal request until the initial one is complete. This helps ensure that the withdrawal is processed correctly and the funds you requested are available. Once your first request is complete, and you have received your funds, you can attempt to enter a new withdrawal request. 
  • If your membership has been cancelled or your investment account has been closed, you may not be able to withdraw funds. 
  • If you have missed membership payments, you may be unable to withdraw funds from your account until any missed payments are made up, and your membership is up to date and in good standing.


Watch the video below to see how you can request a withdrawal from the Moneylion app!

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