Can I have a MoneyLion Investment account without a MoneyLion Checking account?

Currently, it's not possible to open a MoneyLion Investment account without also opening a MoneyLion Checking account. They are offered as a powerful package when you sign up for your MoneyLion Core membership. The Checking Account helps bank without fees, and the Managed Investment account helps you grow your money smarter and easier when you're ready.

Additional benefits of MoneyLion Checking and Managed Investing together:

  • You'll have a MoneyLion Checking account linked to easily transfer funds to and from yourMoneyLion Investment account
  • Transfers from a MoneyLion Investment account to a MoneyLion Checking account are faster than when transferring to external checking accounts
  • Setting up direct deposit into your MoneyLion Checking account gives you access to a 0% APR Instacash advances -- so you can cover short-term expenses while avoiding investment account withdrawals and keep your account growth on track! 
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