How do I know if a purchase is eligible for a Shake 'N' Bank reward?

Turn on your push notifications so you get a MoneyLion alert on your phone whenever a MoneyLion Debit Masrercard® purchase qualifies for a Shake 'N' Bank cash reward. You'll have 7 days to claim it!  

You can also go to the Rewards tab in the MoneyLion app and select the Shakes Rewards tab to see a list of your eligible Shake 'N' Bank transactions. If you haven’t claimed a reward for an eligible transaction yet, you’ll see a “Shake Now” next to it telling you it’s time to Shake 'N' Bank!  

Remember, each qualifying transaction is eligible for one Shake 'N' Bank reward. Make sure to use your MoneyLion Debit Mastercard for all your purchases so you have more chance to shake for rewards! 

You also must have an active MoneyLion Investment account in good standing to participate in Shake 'N' Bank rewards, and it may take 5 business days for your reward to settle in your investment account.

Please contact Customer Service if you still think you are missing a Shake 'N' Bank reward opportunity.

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