What should I do if I think my account was hacked?

If you notice any of the following occurring on your account unexpectedly, your account may have been taken over:
  • Your password is no longer working.
  • The email address associated with your account has changed.
  • Any of your contact/billing information has changed.
  • Funds have been transferred without your authorization.
  • Your membership level has change.

 What should I do if I suspect my account has been taken over?

1. Reset your password.
  • Open the password reset page in a private/incognito window and choose a strong password you haven't used before. Your password should include at least 1 capital letter, 1 number, and a special character.
  • We also strongly suggest you change the password for both the email address associated with your MoneyLion account and any service where you use the same password as MoneyLion. 
2. Lock your MoneyLion Visa Debit Card.
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