How do I reset the PIN for my debit card?

Please note that your MoneyLion Checking account will be closed on September 1 as part of our switch to the new RoarMoney account. The RoarMoney account offers more features and offers you a virtual debit card and a physical debit card. You can lock and unlock both in the app easily. Plus, the virtual card can be replaced in seconds if you think your card has been compromised, so you’ll never have to be without a debit card, even if you’re waiting for a new physical card in the mail.

Resetting your PIN for your MoneyLion Visa Debit Card can be done right in the MoneyLion app! Please follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Click Finances
  2. Click "More Options"
  3. Click "MoneyLion Checking"
  4. Click "Change PIN"

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