What is SHAZAM? Why are they calling me?

Please note that we will no longer be shipping new replacement cards after July 31, 2020 as part of MoneyLion’s upgrade to the RoarMoney product. Your MoneyLion Checking account will automatically be closed on September 1. For more information and to learn how to upgrade to RoarMoney, click here.

SHAZAM is the processor for your MoneyLion Visa Debit Card transactions. SHAZAM uses state-of-the-art technology and is an innovative industry leader in card transactions and fraud prevention. We partner with SHAZAM to bring you speedy, secure transactions and to protect your account 24/7.

SHAZAM's fraud mitigation and management platform works to protect MoneyLion cardholders and reduce fraud losses. SHAZAM’s neural-network fraud management solution is powered by FICO® Falcon®. This powerful tool recognizes patterns and predicts trends using artificial intelligence to detect and stop fraud. SHAZAM provides one of the most effective fraud protection solutions in the industry.

If you ever have any fraud-related issues, please contact the MoneyLion support team, not SHAZAM.

When SHAZAM contacts MoneyLion customers:

As a customer, it's important that you recognize the SHAZAM name. SHAZAM monitors accounts for fraudulent activity and will attempt to contact you directly if it needs to confirm or verify a potentially suspicious transaction. In this event, SHAZAM will identify as "SHAZAM calling on behalf of MoneyLion" over the phone.

If SHAZAM does call you, it will use this number: 866-508-2693. If you receive a call from this number, we recommend you answer it or call back ASAP. If you don't, your card may be locked to protect your checking account until we're able to speak to you and verify your recent transactions. Also know that if you call us back instead, we will gladly assist you in unlocking your card, but the fastest path may be to return SHAZAM's call directly.

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