How fast will my MoneyLion investment grow?

Overall, our portfolio strategy is to help you achieve moderate growth (gains) over time while minimizing large fluctuations in your portfolio’s value. As you add to your investment account (every deposit counts, no matter the size!), you could see growth through consistent deposits, and compound interest. Compound interest or returns are the gains you earn on your investments and their previous increases , powering up your investment growth over time.

We designed this membership to make it extremely easy for you to invest on your terms and to help minimize your overall risk. You can transfer any amount of money to your Investment account -- anytime from your MoneyLion Checking account or an external financial account that you have linked in the app. We’ll then invest that money for you in a diversified portfolio of low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) split between equity (stocks) and fixed-income (bond) ETFs. Your percentage allocation between stock equity and bond ETFs is determined by your risk preferences that you specified during your enrollment process. We do this all for no management fee

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