Why did the balance in my MoneyLion investment account go up or down today?

The balance in your MoneyLion Investment account is invested in a portfolio of low-cost, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), with an asset allocation aligned to your stated risk preferences. The portfolio is made up of a diversified mix of ETFs that contain investments in US stocks, international stocks, US bonds, and international bonds.

As with most investments, the value of the ETFs in your portfolio fluctuates on a daily basis as people and institutions buy and sell these ETFs around the world. Therefore, on some days, your investment account balance may go up. On other days, it may go down. It’s normal for the stock market to have highs and lows -- it can’t rise without ever falling. But rest assured, when we look at market highs and lows historically, the overall market has always continued to rise over the long haul. Staying invested through the lows is a good way to ensure you realize gains when the market starts increasing again.

While we can’t make any guarantees about the performance of your MoneyLion investment account, our goal is to help you grow your money steadily over time while minimizing large swings in value. Also, remember that your investment balance is not “realized” until you withdraw money from your account. Your investment balance is active in the markets until the moment you withdraw it -- at which point, we sell some (or all) of your investments in order to give you your money. Depending on the timing and the market conditions, you would realize an investment gain or loss at this time. And of course, your Investment account balance would decrease by the amount of money you withdrew.

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