How does the MoneyLion Investment Account work?

The MoneyLion Investment Account was designed to level the investment playing field and to give all Americans access to the wealth-building power of investing. You finally have an easy way to make your money work as hard as you do without any management fee.
When you join, we'll ask you a few questions and determine a portfolio that makes sense for you based on your stated preferences. You add money when you're ready, and we'll invest it on your behalf. We can even buy fractions of shares to help make your money go further. You can view and adjust your portfolio in the app any time.

On an ongoing basis, we'll monitor your account and keep you aligned to your goals by re-balancing as needed. Management of your portfolio and re-balancing to make sure you stay in track are services included as part of your MoneyLion membership.

Read our FAQ on investment strategies for more details.

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