How do I open a MoneyLion Investment account?

The MoneyLion Managed Investment account is designed to simplify investing and put your hard-earned dollars to work, with zero management fees and no minimums. Enrolling is easy on the MoneyLion app or website. You'll open your investment account at the same time you open your MoneyLion Zero-Fee Checking account when you enroll in a MoneyLion Core membership.

In this FAQ, we'll walk you through enrolling on the app. Enrolling on the website is very similar, just log in and go to the Finances tab to begin. The requirements for successful enrollment are:

  1. Permanent US Resident
  2. A valid Social Security number
  3. A valid residential address
  4. A verified mobile phone number
  5. Up to date public records

Enrollment Process:

Step 1 - Begin the enrollment process from your log in card carousel or from the finances tab:


Step 2 - You will then be taken through screens to provide your date of birth, address (remember it must be your legal residential address), and your mobile phone number:

Date of Birth:




Mobile Phone Number:


Step 3 - Once you provide your mobile phone number, we'll text you a verification code via SMS that you'll use to continue with enrollment:




Step 4 - Now it's time to set up your investment account. We'll ask you a few questions that'll help us determine your risk preferences and investment objectives in order to create an investment strategy for you. There are no wrong answers here, what is important is that you are honest with your answers:

Time Horizon (How long do you plan to invest for):


A few questions to determine your risk preferences (how much risk you are comfortable taking):





SEC required questions prior to opening your account:

Step 5 - With this information, we'll then preview the portfolio we have identified for you. This will be the strategy your account will follow as soon as you start adding funds. 



Step 6 - Next you'll read and sign the legal agreements needed for your MoneyLion membership, including agreements for your investment and checking accounts:




Step 7- For the last step, we collect your Social Security information and confirm your personal details in order to confirm and protect your identity:




Step 9 - Finally, your account is ready to be opened. Please give the app a few moments to confirm your information 



Step 10 - Once the app has confirmed your information, you'll see this confirmation page containing information regarding where your MoneyLion Visa Debit Card will be shipped. You are now ready to start funding your accounts!


Note: If you are unable to complete enrollment, we recommend you check out the FAQ page on being denied checking and investment. You can find this page in the MoneyLion Membership FAQ.

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