What proof should I attach to the transaction dispute form?

We're eager to help you, and typically the more documentation you can provide the better. Depending on the type of dispute you are filing, we may ask for specific documentation to help us with your dispute. In some instances, you may not need to attach any documents. Below are the reasons you may file a dispute and the information you should provide.

NOTE: If the transaction is something you're certain you did not authorize, file a dispute immediately. Otherwise, please attempt to contact and resolve errors or issues with the merchant before filing a dispute with us.

Reasons for a dispute:

  1. I did not authorize this transaction - You should attach or include any information that may be relevant to this transaction or that may prove you did not authorize it (For example, a hotel invoice showing you were in England or receipt that shows you were at a Chipotle in Ohio when your card was being used in New York is excellent documentation to provide). If you have more documentation than you can include in the form, please call our support team.
  2. I do not recognize this transaction - If you do not recognize a transaction, please see our FAQ on when you should file a dispute and attempt to contact the merchant first. If you still need assistance, please describe your dispute in detail on the transaction dispute form.
  3. I returned the merchandise - If your dispute is because you returned merchandise and the merchant will not refund you, please contact the merchant and try to resolve with them first. If that doesn't work, please provide us the evidence of your return in the form of a receipt or packing slip showing you shipped it back as well as the date of your return.
  4. I was billed twice - If you were billed twice, please indicate the amount you were charged and the date you were charged, as well as what you were supposed to be charged (and the date if different). Please also provide any evidence of the error (a correct receipt for example).
  5. I did not receive the merchandise or service I purchased - If you did not receive the merchandise or service you purchased, please indicate the date you expected to receive the merchandise as well as a description of the merchandise.
  6. Defective merchandise or merchandise not as described - Please provide evidence that the merchandise is not what was agreed upon - a packing slip, correspondence with the merchant, etc - and indicate the date you returned or attempted to return the purchase for a refund.
  7. I was billed the incorrect amount - Please indicate the amount you were charged, the amount you should have been charged, and a receipt or any other evidence to prove the error.
  8. I was issued a credit slip that was not processed - Please include a copy of the credit slip with your dispute.
  9. Canceled Service/Merchandise/Reservation - Please provide the date that you canceled the service, as well as any information regarding the cancelation (a cancelation confirmation or number).
  10. I paid by other means - Please provide proof that you made the purchase with other means in the form of a receipt, canceled check, or bank card statement.
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