When should I file a transaction dispute?

If you need to dispute a transaction, we're here to help you. Day to day, we recommend that you monitor your account's activity and subscribe to our alerts. This helps ensure that all activity on the account appears normal and was authorized by you and allows you to dispute transactions as close to the time they occurred as possible. While you should submit a transaction dispute if you see activity you don't recognize or did not authorize, we ask that you first read the information below to ensure that a dispute is your best option.

I see a charge I am certain I did not authorize: If you know for certain that you did not authorize a charge on your debit card (maybe the charge was made in a location you've never been to or at a store you've never heard of), please file a dispute immediately by filling out the transaction dispute form. Our agents will begin investigating immediately.

You can access that form by clicking here.

Please fill out the form in its entirety so that we may assist you as quickly as possible.

If you are not sure of a transaction, believe there was an error, or wish to file a dispute for another reason, please take the time to consider all of your options first.

I do not recognize a charge: If you don't recognize a charge, ask yourself questions like:

  • Does another family member have access to my card?
  • Did I purchase something at a craft fair or farmers market, a mobile business?
  • Did I pay for something over an iPhone or wallet app recently?

Consider contacting the merchant on the transaction to see if knowing what the business is jogs your memory. If you still are not sure, then please file a dispute.

I believe there was an error on a transaction: If you believe there may be an error on a transaction, you may want to file a dispute. Before you do, please contact the merchant on the transaction. As the company that ran the charge, they are the best to assist you. If they are unhelpful, please consult the FAQ on incorrect charges and errors. If at that point you still believe you need to file a dispute, please do so and we'll be happy to help you.

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